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Asa Hutchinson hypocrite

After proclaiming Christ, Gov. Asa Hutchison supports transgenderism

There are no shortage of Republicans that talk a big game and betray their base. However, it is a little more unique when a Republican professes Christianity but then overtly governs like a pagan. In 2015, Mike Pence, as governor of Indiana caved to the woke mob over RFRA. Later in the 2015 Presidential debates, Governor John Kasich defended going to a homosexual wedding despite claiming to be Christian. He would later veto a substantive pro-life bill during his final days in office. Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas would add his name to this list of RINO governors by vetoing a bill that banned doctors from transgendering children.

HB1570 would ban doctors from medically and surgically intervening to groom children into being transvestites. HB1570 is called the Save Adolescents From Experimentation or SAFE Act. It was brought fourth by Rep. Robin Lundstrum who by all accounts seems like a devout Christian. You can read the bill here. Asa Hutchinson also claims to be a Christian. All throughout Holy Week, Gov. Hutchinson is tweeting Bible verses, a regular habit on his gubernatorial Twitter account.

However, the day after proclaiming Christ is Risen, Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoes a bill to prohibit doctors from participating in child abuse.

The move was a rather odd one. Corporate America is largely focused on whether or not to boycott Georgia. The Republicans hold a trifecta in Arkansas. It’s worth noting that Arkansas can only really be considered a “red state” since 2011/2012. But since then the Republican Party gained now enjoys a supermajority in the legislature. This led to the SAFE Act receiving 70% of the votes in the House and 80% in the Senate.

Moreover, Arkansas is one of few state where the legislature can override a veto by a simple majority in both chambers. This puts Asa Hutchinson’s veto in a precarious position.


The SAFE Act is a solid bill. My only criticism is that the bill is vague on the consequences for violating the law, unlike the Alabama version of the bill. Odds are high that Asa Hutchinson’s veto is overruled. Hutchinson is using a libertarian argument against the government interfering in medical decisions to justify his veto. This neglects the fact that medicine is a highly regulated environment. Moreover, transgenderism is not a medical condition, it is an ideology, one that preys on children. The libertarian Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) can easily be employed to argue in favor of the SAFE Act.

Asa Hutchinson may tweet a lot of Bible verses, but he is JD Greear as governor, a complete and total squish.

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