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John MacArthur has pending $800K settlement with California over lockdowns

Over a year ago, the legal battle between Grace Community Church and California was raging. And now, the conclusion will determine how much the state will have to pay the church in a settlement for violating their God -given right to freely worship. It’s a conditional surrender that punishes the evildoers in local and state government.

Although, Grace Community Church will still have lost money on the venture, the success of the lawsuit makes the money well spent. Them taking up this fight as aggressively as they did helped push back against lockdowns all across the nation, though not to the extent we initially hoped. However, at a local level, the coronafascists were sent into retreat and will have to pay up.

John MacArthur famously touted Romans 13 in his initial support of lockdowns. He was, at the time, one of the most “Romans 13, Bro” pastors in the country. After five months of sinning by keeping his church closed, MacArthur repented and took up an aggressive fight against lockdowns. MacArthur has assisted LAPD officers in acquiring vaccine religious exemption since the government is mandating them.

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