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Whistleblower details corruption at McLean Bible Church

The corruption within McLean Bible Church has been under a lot of scrutiny this past year, and many rumors have circulated about their financial and numerical state. Salvador Cordova, a congregant and whistleblower, has done yeoman’s work exposing the corruption within David Platt’s megachurch including recording multiple videos that would later go viral. From lawsuits to cultish tactics, this story is becoming comparable to the meteoric fall of Mars Hill. AD Robles has Salvador Cordova on his channel for an interview where he explains his reporting on McLean Bible Church.

The situation escalated to Salvador Cordova being banned from McLean Bible Church, enforced by David Platt’s goons, without ever going through a church discipline process. Cordova has been tracking the numbers of McLean for a long while. The long and short of it is: their attendance is estimated 30%, down to 3200, of what it used to be while the financial stability of the church is uncorrelated with its attendance decrease.

This contradicts, on its surface, earlier theories about David Platt asking his congregants to come back to church, after forbidding them from gathering, for financial motivations, as McLean is not hemorrhaging donations as they are attendance.

McLean evidently is not financially transparent, per Cordova. This does beg the obvious question of who this money is coming from. Do they rely on wealthy liberal donors, the Southern Baptist Convention, George Soros organizations, or are they cooking the books to hide financial turmoil? Update: Evangelical Dark Web’s reporting shows that McLean Bible church took between $1-2 million in PPP loans.

The clear murder weapons of McLean Bible Church are the Social Justice Gospel and Branch Covidianism, and David Platt is certainly the man wielding both to this church’s destruction.

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