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Russell Moore NPC

Fully Jabbed Russell Moore Catches COVID Again!

The world’s most renown hobbit theologian, Russell Moore has tested positive for COVID again, despite being fully jabbed. This would be Moore’s second breakthrough case. Russell Moore has been a passionate supporter of Branch Covidianism over the last two years. So for him to catch it yet again is hilarious.

The comment section argues (ironically) that Russell Moore should have worn a third mask and that things seem to come in pairs for the man of the Shire.

This breakthrough is yet another reminder that the COVID jabs are neither safe nor effective, and that nobody is vaccinated against COVID-19 because these are not vaccines.

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  1. But it could have been worse, so go get jabbed and boosted! That is their mantra. A vaccine is supposed to give you immunity to a disease. Something that just decreases symptoms is know as a treatment. Hence, they had to change the definition of a vaccine to fit the narrative. How sciency of them. Anyways, don’t you recall that the polio vaccine really didn’t get rid of polio, it just made it less and less dangerous as we took more and more vaccines for it until it was unnoticeable, then it was gone!?

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