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April 2022 EDW Report

Every month Evangelical Dark Web publishes a progress report on the state of this ministry, the movement, and publish upcoming announcements. The two biggest events from April in Evangelicalism would probably be Karengate and Julie Roys being exposed. Imagine someone who makes a career, in large part profiting off of abuse victims, turning out to have a broke back mountain moment while being in a ministry position at a church. Karengate was a conspiracy to blackmail Tom Buck, in which Karen Swallow Prior is at the center of. Scandals were the primary driver and focus in April, whereas activism appears to be the more apparent focus in May.

Quick Stats


Last month I had said that the verdict on David Jeremiah was coming. It is complete, but because of the fast news weeks we’ve been having, I’ve held off on publishing it. I also wanted to do a video in tandem, like I did for Sadie Robertson Huff. I current leader in requests is Rich Wilkerson Jr. of Vous Church. This should be a relatively easy write up. Expect both of these this month.


Evangelical Dark Web is on a hot streak when it comes to videos. April was a really good month. In May, The Gospel Coalition unveiled a debate series, which unfortunately has ten minute opening statements for each side. I may also publish local events this month.

“Patreon” System

Evangelical Dark Web has a tier subscription service. A lot of competitors have this (a term of endearment in this case) and for good reason. The purpose of this is not to make the founder of this site rich. This is a labor of love and will remain that way. Rather the purpose of this is to build a war chest. I have great admiration for what people like Jon Harris of Conversations That Matter are doing in supporting a new decentralized infrastructure for the church to navigate the fallen institutions all around us and crafting professional documentaries telling important stories. Consider joining. This will allow access to all the Evangelical Dark Web has to offer, like polls for the next discernment verdict.


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