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Cringe: NAMB Announces Reconstructing Faith Podcast Hosted By Trevin Wax

Deconstruction has become a trend on social media of people who grew up in the church and want to reject the conservative theology of their formidable years. The rapper, Lecrae, is one of the most notorious examples of this kind of reconstruction. Seemingly playing into this idea is Trevin Wax, a Big Eva writer. He announced that he will be publishing a podcast next month titled “Reconstructing Faith” to tackle tough topics facing the church.

For the past few years, Trevin Wax, who started out promising, has gone woke and effeminate, working with The Gospel Coalition. Announced topics of the podcast include the phenomenon of “deconstruction” and “deconversion,” the toxicity of social media, sex abuse in the church, chastity and “purity culture,” abuses of pastoral authority, and the American Dream, as well as current conversations about race and how Christians should engage in politics. This will be delivered in twelve installments. The North American Mission Board is the apparent producer of the series. Trevin Wax announced in the trailer:

In October, I’m starting a new podcast called Reconstructing Faith that examines the state of the American church’s witness. For years now, we’ve seen the church rocked by sin and scandal and our credibility as Christ’s followers has been diminished. Reconstructing Faith avoids the simplistic knee-jerk reactions you see on social media and instead looks at the church the same way you’d look at your home after a natural disaster, say a flood. We’ll examine the foundations of the church that have stood the test of time, both here in America and around the world. We’ll also examine the rot in the church, the attitudes and practices that have sprung up over the decades like mold. While there’s been a lot of bad news, we’ve got to remember the good news of the gospel and work within the church to restore and rebuild its witness so that people experience the majesty of Jesus. I hope you’ll join me.

Conspicuously absent from the listed topics are the impacts of Branch Covidianism in the church, something that the North American Mission Board never objected to and The Gospel Coalition promoted.

Earlier this year, The Gospel Coalition announced a “Good Faith” debate series which was a long form podcast series that featured liberals debating moderates. In 2020, The Gospel Coalition debuted a woke podcast series which would feature Trevin Wax.

The Gospel Coalition is a defeated organization, so it will be interesting to see how one of its current stars believes we can work within the church to restore and rebuild its witness.

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