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Trans Anarchy is the New Normal

America exists in a state of cold civil war, yet at times violence surfaces from the competing sides. Decades of feminism have divided men against women, leading to guilt by accusation in the public square. Race relations have deteriorated from years of intense racial Marxism being promulgated within the black community while inner city crime soared. The Rainbow Jihad forced its will on the American populace through Hollywood propaganda, social media, and judicial activism, cancelling those in opposition even as they groom children through genital mutilation and prescription therapies masquerading as medicine.

The tragic shooting of six victims, three children and three administrators, at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee is the latest episode in this civil war. There is no time to mourn the loss of these six victims as the left immediately took to calls for gun control and open mockery of prayers which “failed” to prevent this shooting.

Once it was confirmed that the shooter was Audrey Hale, a female transvestite who previously attended the school, then the Rainbow Jihad became the center of the shooting. The media was quick to reverse course and offer reverence to Hale through the use of “preferred pronouns.” Other groups took aim at Tennessee’s prohibition on child mutilation and bans on drag shows. Rather than condemn violence, they justified it as the natural result of these laws. Hale became the victim too.

Yet on March 27, 2023, the Rainbow Jihad earned its name. The increasing militancy of the Alphabet calls for violence and desecration against any dissidents to their agenda, believing that all manner of methods are permissible against those who would “erase their existence.” Even pointing out “Trans Day of Vengeance” will lead to a Twitter suspension as Elon Musk cowers to conceal their bloodlust. To them, this is existential. And they are right. This Cold Civil War is existential for both sides. There are two America’s at war. Failure to acknowledge this state of war will only result in more carnage for this chaos which will increasingly target the faithful remnant in America, whether by State or by anarchists.

The core ingredient in most mass shootings is medication. We wonder as to why these shootings take place, but ignore the commonality of SSRI medications which connects these shooters. Dylan Roof, James Holmes, Eric Harris, Anderson Aldrich, and now Audrey Hale were all on prescription medication. SSRI medications do nothing to improve mental health; instead it numbs the mind which makes palatable the obscene acts these shooters would commit. The only beneficiary of widespread SSRI usage is the Pharmaceutical Industry, which has made billions off the narrative of “chemical imbalance,” turning patients into customers. These are spiritual problems, yet the societal focus is on mental health has only bred more mental health problems.

This mental health epidemic should be expected to continue as Covid lockdowns inhibited two years of social development, as the economy declines and becomes unaffordable, as white children are taught to be self-loathing while black children taught that the world is against them, as children are targeted by pedophiles in schools and online, as pornography’s rampancy continues, as women are taught to be promiscuous, as broken homes are normalized, and so long as doctors treat behavioral problems with medications. The Rainbow Jihad leads to a life of increased depression and suicide attempts, regardless of their outcome. Rather than steer patients away from invasive mutilation, hormone therapy and puberty blockers are the preferred treatment, at the behest of the state and profits of Big Pharma.

The seeds of future anarchy are being sowed in public schools, Hollywood, and social media. How many more Audrey Hales are being cultivated by this culture? As Shakespeare wrote, “These violent delights have violent ends.” Without widespread repentance, these tragedies shall become the new normal. The Church and any dissidents will be increasingly targeted for resisting the Marxists just as after Roe v Wade was overturned, pregnancy centers were torched, and churches vandalized.

The spiritual powers and principalities are engulfed in war throughout America. No state is untouched nor community unimpacted. This warfare is more spiritual than physical or mental, requiring the Church to present the Gospel as the ultimate prescription, without compromise or dilution.

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