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James Lindsay Uses Queer Theory To Attack Christians

The longer the debate on Christian Nationalism persists, the more it seems that those in G3 Ministries are taking their talking points directly from James Lindsay to oppose a self-consciously Christian Nation. Over the weekend, Lindsay’s lack of discernment on all things woke reared it’s ugly head again when he posted a liberal meme trying to delineate homosexuality from transgenderism, garnering over a million views.

Now this point is false for a number of reasons. In the postmodern context, homosexuality and transgenderism have been mainstreamed together for well over a decade. It was in the Democrat platform in 2012. So to pretend that transgenderism is new is to demonstrate a lack of expertise in the culture war.

This was rightly called out by several prominent Christians.

Andrew Isker makes a clear jab at G3’s Michael O’Fallon for hitching himself to James Lindsay. This earned a response from Lindsay himself.

With the Christians pouncing on James Lindsay’s woke tweet, Lindsay responded using woke tactics against Christians.

Just as “everything is racist” is a tactic of Critical Race Theory, and “everything is sexist” is a tactic of Critical Feminist Theory, so to is “everything is homophobic/transphobic” a tactic of Queer Theory.  This tactic was successfully employed to get our society where it is right now. An underlying premise of Critical Race Theory is that racism is normative, meaning everywhere. This Cultural Marxist framework is used to engender a sense of victimhood status.

This tactic fails when people stop caring about being called mean names.

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  1. Somebody should respond with a meme using the same underlying graphic, with “Christians” over the person, and “James Lindsay” over the ball and chain.

    Dump him

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