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SBC on fire

Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee Announces Layoffs

Last month, Willie McLaurin, interim president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention resigned in disgrace after being caught lying on his resume. The SBC Executive Committee announced his replacement would be none other than Jonathan Howe, their propagandist. Yet the struggles of the Executive Committee which represents the messengers while the convention is not in session continues as they announced a series of layoffs to staffers.

The Executive Committee has about thirty staffers. The Executive Committee announced the elimination of five full time staff positions and two contractors. The move signals a lack of confidence in the financial security of the Executive Committee. Next week, the Executive Committee will add thirteen new members to their ranks.

The ongoing financial troubles are caused by the disastrous management of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission by Russell Moore and the invitation of liability by those who want to use missional givings to pay adulterous women like Jennifer Lyell and her lawyers.

Ahead of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention, the Executive Committee recommended against voting for a constitutional amendment that opposed female pastors. What once may have been more conservative than Southern Baptist messengers is now more liberal and less competent.

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