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Conservative Gains 2022: Revival or Market Correction?

Politically, 2022 has brought many victories for conservatives in America. As legislative sessions have largely ended and a leaked court opinion revealed the long-sought overturn of Roe v Wade, the year 2022 has ushered in many victories for the American Right. Against the Rainbow Jihad, the bold initiative of the Florida legislature’s “Don’t Say Gay” anti-grooming law sparked a national conversation and struck a blow to Disney status in the Sunshine State. The left’s lack of impulse control enabled the entire country to see how adamantly teachers in America desire to sexualize their young children. Billionaire Elon Musk swung his wallet and is in pursuit of acquiring Twitter, stripping the left of a major media apparatus. Polling has shown that the only demographic Biden and the democrats have improved with are college educated women. As the failures of the Biden Regime’s policies become self-evident, leading to higher energy prices, substantial inflation, food shortages, bear financial markets, an immigration and related drug crisis at the border, the American people are increasingly disaffected with the left, even dissatisfying their own base.

Poised to gain from Biden’s failures is the Republican Party. Expectations across America is that there will be a red wave this November and even we speculate that the GOP will have a fresh wave of rockstar politicians far more aggressive than their establishment peers.

The question must be raised: is America in the early stages of a revival, or are we experiencing a market correction? In the former scenario, America would be making demonstrable reforms in a direction towards that of God. These would be impactful and long-lasting, transforming the culture in a fashion similar to the Great Awakenings America experienced in her infancy. In the latter scenario, it would function much like a dip in the stock market, being only a blip on the long-term trend. We read this the books of First and Second Kings, where even the righteous kings in Judah could not ward off the inevitable exile, only forestalling briefly with reforms lasting only a singular reign in most instances, yet in their midst God raised up Josiah who demolished the idolatrous high-places.

Case for Revival

Undoubtedly, the overturn of Roe v Wade will have a profound cultural impact on America. As has been demonstrated, the heartbeat bill in Texas reduced abortions by 55% in the first month of the law taking effect. Though many might cross state lines, America might soon have a stark contrast between the states which are pro-life and those which are pro-infanticide, creating a contrast incomparable in American history except to the institution of slavery during the antebellum period. Assuming the words of Samuel Alito stand, this contrast would breed an environment of increasingly divergent politics. The gains made against abortion will be replicated on other issues. One victory creates momentum which can then be utilized towards other fronts.

Even now, Americans are sensing the overreach of unmitigated Tranny Madness, which could yield a necessary resurgence of the binary reality of gender while offering more sustained resistance to their child grooming agenda. Moreover, the exposure of Critical Race Theory in schools ushered by “distance learning” has made parents cognizant to the pollution being indoctrinated by public schools.

As this recession ensues, remembering that a recession is two quarters of GDP contraction, the blame will rightfully shift towards the policy makers responsible for advancing policies which intentionally worsened our economic prosperity. The shortages and price hikes experienced by Americans on gasoline, meat, crops, lumber, and even baby formula erode at the American standard of living in a way that is neither subtle nor niche. Every sector has experienced it. No American is untaxed by inflation. The Roman poet Juvenal coined the term “bread and circuses” to describe the means by which a people become too distracted and easily appeased to resolve greater concerns. In modern America, the bread has become more expensive, and the circuses are not as entertaining. It becomes difficult to be materialistic when real wages are declining, and cost of living is in a state of unmitigated crescendo.

The rising class of politician is bolder and irreverent to those who came before. Candidates like Mastriano cleaned up in Pennsylvania. In Maryland, we see this with enthusiasm from the base for Dan Cox as opposed to establishment’s choice, Kelly Schulz. Generally speaking, the best governors in America are all first term governors, that is Ron DeSantis, Kim Reynolds, Kevin Stitt, and Greg Gianforte. The conservative shift is evident in the politic. No longer are candidates harkening back to the days of Ronald Regan, who was the only cultural victory Republicans embraced to in the last forty years (as no one seeks to emulate the Bush’s), but the new leaders style themselves after Trump and DeSantis. The actions they should have been taking years and even decades ago are being ratified presently, and the momentum continues to grow. In short, the inertia and fury required for revival is present at the grassroots and there are soldiers taking up arms for their culture. Majority opinion is unnecessary to effectuate change, only a motivated minority.

Case for Market Correction

In 2022, American political discourse is centered around conversations that were indisputable only decades ago, with exception to abortion as the bible contains an entire chapter dedicated to proscribing child sacrifice. It is considered a step in the right direction that the public become outraged over men dominating women’s sports or teachers sexually grooming children in public schools. Our culture has slid so far down the slippery slope, people capable of rational thought are realizing the fruit of their wickedness, though many are too blind to their contribution to the status quo. Cancel culture, a normalized facet of American online culture, has finally become an issue in late 2021 and 2022. In the prior years, “misinformation” labels dominating the Facebook algorithm for anything that questions the narrative regarding the election, Covid, or even global warming. Front Line Doctors were scrubbed from social media to the peril of hundreds of thousands of American lives. Instead of that being the breaking point, it was more likely Joe Rogan or Babylon Bee being censored on Twitter. How serious is American society?

The very question of what constitutes a woman should be an indicator of how too far gone America has become. Just when we thought the populace was awakening to the media lies surrounding Covid, the Ukraine-Russian War broke out, thus supplanting Covid as the primary media narrative, which the overwhelming majority of our politicians lapped up like dogs.

A revival is unsustainable given the nature of America’s institutions as the cultural infrastructure has long drifted left or otherwise served its own interests. For years, we have been discussing the breakdown of the Southern Baptist Convention, which was for several decades perceived as a conservative institution only for the Marxists to infiltrate and conquer from within. This is after majority of mainline denominations were already overtaken by the leftist drift. Academia has always been a liberal bastion and will continue to exert widespread societal influence so long as youth enroll at supermajority rates and their graduates become the next generation of doctors, lawyers, and government bureaucrats. Then there are the media institutions, which are propaganda outlets for the left with insufficient competition from the other side.

The right’s obsession with “own the libs” content rather than the advancement of an alternative message is indication that our people just want a circus with a conservative twist that entertains them. We have previously discussed the notion of Conservative Inc being to the left of their audience, and this applies to many at Fox News, The Blaze, and Daily Wire. Doubtless, they will continue to drift left as they subscribe to the big tent notion and believe in appealing to liberals through their hiring practices. They promote open liberals over Christian conservatives. The positive reactions to Dave Rubin procuring human embryos with his sodomitical partner is evidence that the drift on the right is real as only a decade ago such an idea was abhorred.

And who can neglect to mention the state of the Republican Party. For decades, Team GOP has sold out Americans in favor of corporate interests and unjustified warmongering, which they are instinctually quick to take up again at a moment’s notice. Like their media allies, the party elites have noticeably drifted left of their voter base. Few took up concern for the injustices of January 6 that our very government instigated, and few remembered the US Constitution during Covid. Only 57 Republicans voted against the $40 billion Ukrainian pork in the House and 11 in the Senate, meaning that 73% of House Republicans are spineless sellouts, warmongers, or interested in self-gain. Republicans control 28 governors yet only a handful are worth their salt. On one hand (maybe two), we can count the total reliable US senators. Even local politics is dominated by these types, who speak openly on the streets how they fight for your values only to kill potent legislation in committees.

It is not just the politicians, yet also the voters themselves who passively go along with the system or otherwise justify voting these depraved representatives in office. Too many GOP voters go into primaries uninformed or believe the shiny object being dangled by their incumbents. This occurred in Texas where Chip Roy received more votes than total votes casted in the other congressional primaries. Moreover, Texans overwhelmingly voted for Greg Abbott, who grandstanded on illegal immigration after locking down Texans. Pennsylvania proved that over 60% of republican voters will vote for a liberal carpetbagging candidate. How can one fix a country when the voters are uninformed, actively against us, or otherwise excuse voting for liberals under the guise of electability? The electorate is too far gone. They are part of the problem.


The implosion of America has been decades in the making. Whether we are at the turning point for revival or merely experiencing a reactionary correction remains to be seen. Personally, I would lean on the side of correction, not because we are incapable of implementing reforms which bring glory to our creator, but that the disease has progressed too far for rehabilitation. Ultimately, the willingness of the laborers will be the determining factor, yet it must never be forgotten that even within institutions friendlier to our dispositions, we remain the minority.

May the Lord allow that minority to shine brightly and be dominant in their fights.

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  1. never underestimate the Gay Old Pedos to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

  2. And in the words of the immortal George Wallace, there ain’t a dimes worth of difference between the two parties……

    1. Here here. He was spot on right. While the media and left hated and demonized the man, Wallace was ahead of his time. I was 10 years old when he ran in 1968. My late father actually crossed over party lines and cast his vote for Wallace. The man made some sense. The editor of this site needs to both familiarize himself with, and heed some of Wallace’s views and talking points rather than being in love with the RNC.

      1. I should look more into Wallace. But don’t conflate love for the the RNC with the fact that I said conservative politicians are a minority within their own party. That is closer to disdain than love.

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