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Beth Moore preached ‘happiness’ at Social Justice church

The Southern Baptist Convention went to great lengths to preserve complementarianism. This meant that many egalitarians had to leave. Many of them formed the apostate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. However, part of the mission of Evangelical Dark Web is to raise our decentralized banners to contend for the faith in this generation’s fight. Beth Moore stands in staunch opposition to any sort of reformation efforts within evangelicalism preferring to maintain her celebrity over orthodoxy.

We disagree with the idea of women preachers in favor of the complementarian view that is supported in Scripture, unlike the egalitarian view. Regardless of how one may feel about that particular doctrinal issue, the message preached by Beth Moore was substance of narcissism that should not be preached in any church by any pastor. The message focused on achieving personal happiness, her social media experience, some incoherent rant about humility an imprecise note on fellowship. Much of her sermon was aimed at shouting down her opponents. It was an unbefitting message of self-love, but not substantive to merit a video response like Steve Furtick’s modalism or Andy Stanley’s Marcionism.

Not only was the message unbefitting, she preached it at a church focused on spreading social justice. It is important here to say that there is a staunch conflict between Social Justice and Biblical Justice, to the logical conclusion that the pursuit of social justice is a different spirit of the age religion. Charlie Dates is a proponent of the Social Justice Gospel, and has an entire ministry dedicated to social justice which includes lawyers. Beth Moore espouses Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, so it would make sense for her to preach at a church that shares her doctrinal belief in this respect.

However, she maintains toting the line of the Southern Baptist Convention that has made her the Lifeway Queen. How far does preaching at a Baptist church that rejects the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 while also preaching social justice, exceed the limits of what the Southern Baptist Convention is willing to tolerate. When Eugene Peterson came out in support of homosexual marriage, Lifeway reacted so swiftly he flip flopped. But this same denominational expedience has yet to be applied to Beth Moore who scrubbed biblical sexuality from her books to avoid offending people. This deviation can only persist for so long.


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