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July 2020 EDW Report

As usual, I like to give a monthly progress report to the readers of Evangelical Dark Web to let them know the effectiveness of this ministry and upcoming announcements. July was our second best month ever as a ministry and the best month yet in producing video content. July is a month where I devoted my time into fighting the Social Justice Gospel. This gospel has made an advance in my personal life which I’ll elaborate on later. For apologetics purposes, I read Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility. The book is even more overtly pagan than it sounds. And in addition to that, I prerecorded an entire video series going through and rebutting the book, from a biblical perspective.

Quick Stats

Video Content

The area of the most growth was YouTube. Even the Steven Furtick video from months ago had more views than it did in June. The Mike Todd video also had more views than when it debuted a few months ago also. It wasn’t until July 16th, we published a video, and yet the video content produced was almost all successful. As previously mentioned the video series on White Fragility is prerecorded and just needs editing. This should mean a lot of content for August and hopefully more growth.

Reader Engagement

The other area where this ministry has grown is reader engagement. Thank you all for your comments and feedback. I’ve responded to more in July than in other months. One reader suggested the article on John MacArthur, albeit in-between its completion and publish. Another reader provided valuable feedback on videos.


Despite the fact that the search traffic is mostly here for discernment, I was not able to add any additional verdicts, despite the pouring requests. The Social Justice Gospel consumed much of this time. I do hope to change that in August since I have completed a lot of foundational work that will expedite the process of Discernment on various people. The next task for this will be to revisit the verdict on Beth Moore. This will be in a post format rather than a page, just like the newly revised Brian Houston and Jory Micah posts. Having compiled a spredsheet to monitor the requests, it appears the next new verdict will be on Matt Chandler.

Personal Note

In July I published only 13 articles, and managed to get the same metrics as June. But in truth, I only wrote 12 that month, since the Jory Micah one was revised in June. And six were videos mixed in with articles. The reach of these thirteen articles was better than average. I will strive to write more this month.

However, I must warn you that I am in the process of moving and finding a new place to live. This could interrupt much of what I am doing. A new home, in theory, will enable me to create more content.


Soli Deo Gloria,



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  1. I think you realize you don’t need to ask; you are in our prayers. This social justice gospel, especially, is a great danger to the Church. Thank you for having the strength to meet it head-on!

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