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Tony Dungy questions Raphael Warnock’s faith

Perhaps the most Anti-Christian to run for office since Pete Buttigieg is Raphael Warnock who is an avowed false teacher running for US Senate in Georgia. Whereas, Pete Buttigieg existed to troll Christianity with a homosexual Episcopalian, Raphael Warnock’s role has far more to do with being seen as a Marxist “Christian.” This surpasses Joe Biden’s “profound” Catholic faith.

But Tony Dungy took issue with Raphael Warnock’s brazen display of apostasy, after Pronouns In Bio felt the need to tag him. It would turn out, Tony Dungy recognizes the obvious contradiction and calls into question Raphael Warnock’s Christianity. Tony Dungy was the longtime NFL coach of the Indianapolis Colts and winner of Superbowl XLI.

Tony Dungy is publicly practicing a level of discernment and calling out Raphael Warnock. And theological liberals or Christians in name only took issue with that.

It’s worth noting that Warnock’s credentials actually hurt him here by showing that he preached at two apostate churches. But this argument does not sway Dungy.

Tony Dungy’s scope is rather limited. In the replies, Tony Dungy makes it clear that he is talking specifically about Warnock’s demonstrable apostasy, not his merits as a Senate candidate. However his scope in calling out Warnock is to affirm the inerrancy and authority of Scripture.

Tony Dungy is right here, and while his tweet was not nearly as unambiguous as mine, Tony Dungy does use his large platform to state that being a Christian means you have to believe and follow the Bible. And while some statements by Dungy leave me scratching my head about his beliefs, challenging the left’s attempt to merge their political beliefs with Christianity takes a lot of courage that we do not see out of other supposed Christian celebrities, like Chris Pratt, Justin Bieber, Drew Brees. In this political climate, it takes far more courage for Tony Dungy to call out Raphael Warnock than it does for Colin Kaepernick to take a knee.


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