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Mike Todd

Prosperity pastor Mike Todd’s church buys mall for $20 million

2020 has been a massive year for Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church. The release of his book Relationship Goals and gaining an enormous amount of social media clout has evidently brought in a boatload of money for Transformation Church. After the church paid off a $10 million mortgage on its current facility in 6 months, Transformation Church made another massive real estate investment. This time the investment is for an actual investment. Transformation Church purchased an entire mall and its surrounding buildings for $20 million. Transformation Church will now be the retail landlord for over 35 storefronts.

On the surface, this seems innocuous, but the church does not have the best history when it comes to having other flows of income rather than its faithful parishioners whether they be state funded churches or television income. This is a good way to amass a massive stockpile while skirting taxes (property and rental income) for the real beneficiaries like Mike Todd. Similar to how Elevation Church owns the mansion that Steven Furtick lives in. Perhaps God intended the churches to rely on regular joyful giving in the same way the congregation of Israel relied on manna in the desert.

While it’s a mall today, it could very well be a private jet tomorrow, at this trajectory. And those that insist that Mike Todd is not a Prosperity preacher will have fewer excuses for when Mike Todd goes flying around the world in luxury like Creflo Dollar in the years to come.

Call to action

Evangelical Dark Web was perhaps the first to warn about about Mike Todd being Prosperity Gospel here. We could only do that because of reader requests. The work that we do in Discernment is important and makes a difference in providing information on false teachers prior to them becoming as famous as Joel Osteen. Please consider subscribing to our email list. For more information on the Prosperity Gospel and why it’s heretical, click here.


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  1. Just to remind you, “There is nothing new under the sun.”, in the late 1970s I wrote about some of the early Mega-churches. I believe one of the was building a half-billion (if not a billion) dollar campus with movie theater, roller rink, etc. And yes, I have that typewritten report in a box in my attic.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of empty malls, and with internet shopping expanding yearly (not to mention lockdowns), what happens when storefronts sit empty? Will he be asking the faithful to fork over more $$ to make up for the losses? Churches should be in the business of being Churches, not businesses trying to turn profits. This sounds like its going to work out just swell!

    1. I’m dubious of the investment potential but maybe things are different in OK. This could have more to do with NAR ideology (Mike Todd’s mentor/ founder of TC was affiliated) of trying to fight spiritual warfare by buying real estate. The other play here is a PR move of supporting black owned businesses. This branding will have a return before the property.

  3. And look at the old pics of Furtick, he’s a skinny guy with a smaller head. Now his cranium has grown almost as much as his biseps. That’s a dead giveaway he’s using steroids with HGH. Not speaking figuratively.

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