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Rick Warren

Rick Warren hosts segregated woke healing session

One of my top observations about woke white people is that there is only one foundational difference between woke whites and white supremacists. And that is that white supremacists believe whiteness is good and woke whites believe whiteness is bad. Thus, the manifestations of these ideologies is often similar. In this case, Rick Warren is practicing segregation and specifically hosting a blacks-only woke healing service.

Protestia broke the story and it was easily verified on Saddleback Church’s website. There are several things wrong with this picture. The first being that Rick Warren assumes black people are interested in Critical Race Theory. In this, followed with him booking Critical Race Theorists for this session. Interestingly enough, the pasty Rick Warren is exempt from his discrimination.

Rick Warren is Southern Baptist, and Saddleback Church is one of the most influential churches in the convention. It is worth noting here that the event was a Zoom call because Rick Warren is not having in person gatherings because he believes Gavin Newsome is head of the church. In the end, this story is hardly surprising, but it is very revealing.

Call to action

Evangelical Dark Web has been doing in depth analysis of Critical Race Theory including a chapter by chapter analysis of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility. Critical Race Theory is a prong of the Social Justice Gospel which Rick Warren is partaking in here. Evangelical Dark Web operates a Discernment ministry that takes in reader requests to investigate teachers according to Scripture. If you believe that Rick Warren or anyone else should be investigated click here. Be sure to sign up to join the Evangelical Dark Web below.


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  1. So what is he doing there? He’s white, right? And a racial trauma expert?! Wow, someone found another useless title for their sociology degree. Reading that flier had me thinking, it doesn’t much like sound like a church function!

  2. Obviously, Rick never read Galatians 3:28 or Colossians 3:11. CRT is of the devil and any so-called pastor who subscribes to it should be de-flocked and put under church discipline.

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