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Christianity Today promotes churches locking down for Omicron

It’s no surprise to the believer that Christianity Today, long having been woke, is also pushing Branch Covidianism. Amidst the rise of the Omicron variant which may be the prevailing variant of the coronavirus this coming winter wave (thanks to the lockdowns and vaccines which prevented herd immunity), churches are taking it upon themselves to cancel in-person worship this Christmas. In an article titled, “The Alpha and the Omicron: COVID-19 Disrupts Christmas Worship Again“, Christianity Today is painting these churches in positive light, as mere victims of a pandemic.

The cancellations prompted by omicron take on a weightier significance than missing one special service. They’re an indicator that—despite the hopes and prayers and precautions of the past year—the pandemic continues to take its toll.

After detailing the cancellation of Hillsong London’s notoriously sensual Christmas service, Christianity Today profiles the closures of churches in New York and Washington DC. The primary church of focus is District Church, an egalitarian church in DC. District Church currently operates in a building owned by an educational nonprofit. But in any case they have a vaccine passport system. Their current policy states:

The pastor of District Church claims that the church has not lost momentum despite reporting:

His church, which averaged 800 in weekly attendance prior to the pandemic, has seen in-person attendance cut in half since reopening last July, while the rest of the congregation still attends virtually. The church still plans to return to an in-person format in January.

This steep decline resembles the decline of David Uth’s FBC Orlando. Despite that fact that churches proclaiming themselves nonessential lost half their congregation, these churches are self-righteously committed to maintaining their devotion to their new god and religion. And Compromise Today will paint them is a positive light for doing so.

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