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Tom Ascol

Tom Ascol to run for SBC President, Voddie Baucham for Pastors Conference


The Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022 just got a whole lot more interesting, as conservatives have a reignited drive to contend for the liberal Southern Baptist Convention. This began when Ed Litton announced he was not running again in 2022, citing sermongate as a distraction. Willy Rice became the SBC nominee in his stead, and with the prospects of an open seat, grassroots Christian publications have already undergone efforts to expose Willy Rice. The major piece left in the puzzle was for a strong candidate against Rice and the SBC establishment. Previously Voddie Baucham was floated as said candidate, but he declined, citing his lack of eligibility. Now Tom Ascol, of Founders Ministry has had his hat thrown into the ring. Additionally, Voddie Baucham has been chosen to accept the nomination for president of the pastor’s conference.

This comes less than two weeks after JD Hall of Protestia has publicly urged Tom Buck to run, promising to deliver 1000 messengers to Anaheim. With the announcement of Tom Ascol, instead of Tom Buck, the offer is still on the table, calling it the next best thing.

The announcement was first made public by Megan Basham at the Daily Wire, who was given the exclusive by Ascol’s camp. Founders Ministry then came out with a strong statement on the current situation the SBC is facing.

But the Southern Baptist Convention badly needs a change of direction. While baptisms and evangelism continue their freefall, a small group of leaders steers our institutions ever closer to the culture, from radical feminism masked as “soft complementarianism” to the false gospel of Critical Theory and Intersectionality. In Christ there is no Jew or Greek, there is no slave or free, we are all made one in Him. But this “Race Marxism” divides everyone by their most superficial features, in a never-ending cycle of recrimination and hate.

We reject these worldly dogmas. We stand together on the Baptist Faith and Message. We proclaim the sufficiency of Scripture. And we know the vast majority of Southern Baptists do too.

At this critical juncture, we need men to serve who can unite our convention around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe there are no two better men to lead us in this vital task than Tom Ascol and Voddie Baucham.

Founders vs Conservative Baptist Network?

Despite being on the same team, and many on the CBN coming out to support Ascol’s candidacy, this move demonstrates Ascol taking initiative to both set the course and tone over the movement. There had been much anticipation as to the CBN’s eventual nominee, which Evangelical Dark Web predicted would be Lee Brand, but Tom Ascol has eliminated the chances that they will nominate a candidate and thus split the vote. Tom Ascol is not among the plethora of Steering Council members for the Conservative Baptist Network. Among Ascol’s CBN supporters is Mike Stone, their candidate from 2021.

Further Analysis

The Conservative Resurgence 2.0 may have just been resurrected by a series of providential events. Conservatives have a renewed drive and refreshed messaging to take on the liberal elites at the national level of the convention. Unfortunately, there still remains the gullibility of messengers which was an issue last year and the increased cost of traveling to California. But if JD Hall can deliver 1000 messengers, there is a strong chance that can sway the election.

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