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It’s Time to Put James Lindsay’s Grift to Pasture

The after math of the Alito draft leak has many Big Eva leaders exposed for their reticence, or in some cases public obfuscations in celebrating the event. However, a key figure that the conservative Evangelicals championed has taken to attacking us once again for our emphasis on abortion. James Lindsay is intelligent, as far as I can tell, and not woke. But otherwise, he’s a one trick pony and a grifter. It’s time for Evangelicals to stop relying on him for cultural insight because he does not understand the times and has grown antagonistic towards those who do. The following meme James Lindsay tweeted is a fair summation of his beliefs

To James Lindsay, abortions is a distraction. Additionally, he believes issues like Critical Race Theory and the DHS Ministry of Truth are more significant issues.

Abortion has for several decades been the number one issue defining conservatism. The second issue would be gun rights. These are the two largest single issue voting blocks in American politics. If we do not protect the right to life, we will not protect liberty or property. 

James Lindsay, being pro-abortion, must contrive a different order of operations for freedom. To him, we can build a coalition large enough to take on the World Economic forum agenda. While that’s important, most people think a Klaus Schwab is akin to a rectal thermometer.

Additionally, this understate the impact that rampant feminism and Moloch worship has had on  our culture. We cannot defeat the World Economic Forum without an aspirational alternative. This is a the pitfall of big tents, much like James Lindsay wants to build. Big tents suck at governing because there are too many competing interest to take decisive action.

If going too far on abortion costs the Republicans an election, so long as the anti-abortion reforms remain, the damage we’ve inflicted to the other side remains. And we can come back and win the next election when the attention span has moved on. But this theory that overturning Roe and criminalizing abortion will cost Republicans seats is nonsense. First of all it has yet to since Republicans at the state level have passed substantive pro-life bills for the first time ever in recent years. If anything, the enthusiasm gap is so in favor for conservative, we should expect to see gains because of it.

This is to conclude that James Lindsay is a seething liberal Moloch worshipper, and he has let his emotions get the better of him. This is nothing new. He’s attacked the pro-life movement on several occasions.

But, make no mistake, James Lindsay is a grifter who capitalized on the issue of Cultural Marxism, yet cannot see that the save energy that propels Critical Race Theory is the exact same energy that proliferates abortion. This is not by coincidence, and one cannot “critically think” themselves or a people out of this paradigm.

Conservative Evangelicals never needed James Lindsay to tell them Critical Race Theory is bad. He gave the liberals a red herring objection to opposing CRT. More importantly, James Lindsay was largely chosen so as not to give rise to Christians who could not be controlled, like Jon Harris. Christians should not rely on Moloch worshippers for cultural analysis, and its time the conservative Evangelicals to move on from an unbelieving grifter.

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