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Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria Butterfield Repents Of Calling Reparative Therapy Prosperity Gospel

Rosaria Butterfield has been a questionable figure with regards to teaching on sexuality in the past. However, she has recently and rather aggressively taken on Side B theology including publicly repenting of calling Reparative Therapy heresy. Reparative Therapy was recently banned in Canada, as Canadian government takes additional steps to crack down on free speech and religious exercise, a keep component in Rosaria Butterfield’s retraction

She then goes on to cite multiple studies debunking the myths surrounding the concept. Arguing that bans on Reparative Therapy are ultimately meant to undermine biblical counseling, Butterfield suggests that the same logic will be used to impose transgenderism on children, punishing those who object to puberty blockers, as Canada now does.

Last month, Rosaria Butterfield published a podcast where she condemned side b theology and the Revoice Movement stating:

One dictionary definition of tribalism is “the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own social group.” Tribalism is extra-biblical teaching. Tribalism comes from false ideas entering the church from the world. Tribalism is infectious and poisonous, and it leaves a wake of division in its path. It destroys the peace and purity of the church and produces false professions of faith as well as unstable Christians held captive to destructive sin patterns. Tribalism falsifies the blood of Christ.

Side B Christianity—Revoice—is tribal, not truthful. Instead of offering fundamental liberty in Christ, including redemption and change, Revoice theology denies the power of Christ’s blood to sanctify His people such that they no longer are homosexual. Revoice theology is tribal in its use of Freudian anthropology over biblical personhood, recording homosexuality as a morally neutral sexual orientation. But the Bible records both feelings and practices as sinful acts if directed against God’s commands (Matthew 5:27-28). Revoice theology is political in its embrace of LGBTQ+ language and ideology.[9] Revoice theology believes that homosexual orientation cannot be repented of, thereby withholding the power of repentance and sanctification to transform lives. In contrast, Scripture teaches us to “repent…and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out” (Acts 3:19).

Because I choose Truth over tribe, I reject the false teaching of Revoice/Side B Theology.

One sign of a false teacher is that they get worse over time, but Rosaria Butterfield is showing the opposite trajectory which is a sign of faithfulness. This is a great development, especially as she has clout in Big Eva.

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  1. I don’t know if this is the case but her turn for the better might be partially because of the denomination she belongs to. The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America which is a lot more conservative then the PCA and OPC.

    The RPCNA has much declension but their holding to the historic Presbyterian doctrine of Exclusive Psalmody has probably kept a lot of bad teachers from their denomination because false teachers hate biblical worship.

    Maybe she has listened to some sermons from others in her denomination like this.

    Critical Race Theory: Religion Of Demons

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