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Christian Post Blames Men For Transgenderism, Defends Feminism

The Christian Post presupposes that it has been men silent in the rise of transgenderism, yet history has repeatedly shown that women are more inclined to accept and promote transgenderism. And yet when men call out the very women who gave rise to transgenderism, Kaeley Harms of the Christian Post takes great butthurt at their attack on feminism itself. In an article titled, “Dear Christian conservative men: Please stop screwing up the trans issue,” Harms attacks men for blaming the rise of transgenderism on feminism.

While there were a number of bold, enthusiastic men who rose to help, if we are speaking in generalities, the truth remains that, as a whole, men did not experience or embody the threat of the trans agenda the same way women did.

It was largely women who stepped up to the plate to fight. They did so without fanfare and at great personal cost. And the women who impressed me the most in this capacity were women who had the most to lose – the radical feminists. It’s one thing to speak an unpopular truth into a crowd of people who support your position. It’s another thing entirely to stand up against your own tribe.

This statement by Harms takes a small figure of women and projects their views onto the lot. In reality, women have been more accepting and promoting of homosexuality and transgenderism. Generally speaking, single women are the most liberal demographic. Additionally, college educated white women are the only Democrat base that’s growing. In fact, this column at the Christian Post largely hinges on the separation of homosexuality, transgenderism, and feminism where none exists.

It’s self evident in the imagery promoting sexual deviation in our society that transgenderism and homosexuality are inseparable. In a practical sense a man dating a transvestite man would still be a homosexual… with extra steps. It doesn’t matter how much Dave Rubin you listen to, the sexual deviances are deeply tied. But where does feminism come to play in this? At it’s core, feminism has always been about deconstructing gender, first by making men and women interchangeable (egalitarianism) and then by emasculating men and androgenizing women. Therefore sexual roles are too deconstructed from God’s design. That is why so many feminists have embraced homosexuality going back to Simone de Beauvoir.

Perhaps one of the brightest stars among them is the prolific author JK Rowling, who has stood firm at great personal cost on behalf of women. All these women understand the issue in a way that most men cannot. It’s intensely personal to them because the physical safety of the female sex hangs in the balance of these public policies.

The problem with citing JK Rowling as a hero is the very fact that JK Rowling was “canceled” by the very base of support she cultivated for years. JK Rowling retconned a major character in her book series to be gay to joyfully serve an agenda, but took issue when that agenda, which at the time included transgenderism, acts on its own stated beliefs. JK Rowling represents a minority in the feminist movement who have pressed pause on their ideology rather than take it to it’s logical conclusion.

So when Matt Walsh, the political right’s provocateur extraordinaire, decided to release a documentary about the trans phenomenon early last month, I admittedly had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I was thrilled that someone with Walsh’s degree of influence was finally caring enough to expose the barbarism of the gender industry. I welcome the invitation to long forbidden discourse. I’m overjoyed to see eyes opened. And it’s always a good thing when men police their own. This film is a blessing and a balm to so many. The few clips I have seen are excellent and satisfyingly comedic. He’s doing good and important work that’s resonating with the masses. This is a major victory.

But, if I’m honest, I also found myself a bit troubled by his approach to the problem and to the women warring on the frontlines against it. As a friend brilliantly put it, “I get the sense that he sees the transgender issue as being more about the emasculation of men than about the erasure of women.” There’s a difference between speaking truth to “own the libs” and speaking truth to protect the innocent.

The victim mentality is strong. It’s difficult to communicate a message on the erasure of women when it is collectively women who are perpetuating their own erasure. However, in a society that continuously demonizes masculinity, transgenderism offers a perverted way out and vaulting victim status.

Female athletes have largely complained ex post facto about men in women’s sports if at all. Yet men are blamed for their silence on this issue for not caring more than the athletes themselves. There is a slight disconnect in attempting to get men who openly joke about the unwatchability of the WNBA to fight harder for the integrity of women’s sports than the athletes themselves. Yet when JK Rowling speaks out against transgenderism, she somehow has more credibility than those who spoke out against homosexuality before?

This is content for gatekeeping clickservative websites, not combatting an ideology.

The truth is that fearless women wrote a lot of Walsh’s talking points and championed them for years at their own expense, but while he soars to #1 ratings and internet fame, some of these women remain silenced by every social media channel available. I could ignore this more easily if he and his buddies weren’t participants in the silencing.

Recently, Walsh and others took aim specifically at JK Rowling and, rather than applauding her moral courage, they condemned her political leanings and took pot shots at feminism as a whole. In a stunningly tone-deaf moment, author Jason Whitlock chimed in to assist in the silencing, telling Rowling to “fall back and support men. You’re not built for this conflict.”

In this context, JK Rowling was specifically defending the cowardice of women who capitulated over this issue. The article then takes a turn towards justifying feminism.

The left silences them for saying men are men. The right silences them for failing to march in ideological lockstep with them on other issues. Only compliant women are permitted to speak. And that’s why feminism exists in the first place.

Just as the political left loves to place the blame for all the world’s problems on the shoulders of “old white men,” the political right loves to do the same to feminism. Cancel culture exists in both directions.

There is a non sequitur as she is applying Jason Whitlock’s comment about male headship and the underlying context of he having called her out on this in the past to justify the need for feminism. In doing so she draws a moral equivalence to wokeness and anti-feminism. 

Love it or hate it, we need true feminism – the kind that seeks dignity, not revenge, the kind that insists on fairness, not just power. Someone needs to advocate on behalf of women, and when it comes to the trans agenda, few have done more in this regard than radical feminists. They should be thanked and applauded, not silenced and demeaned. While Walsh and others may be inclined to throw stones at these women, my seven years working alongside them tells me it’s a lot more fruitful to pick up those stones and try to build a few bridges with them. We may even find they have something meaningful to say, and we have something important to learn.

What makes this especially absurd is that feminism has always been a deeply anti-biblical movement. And just as feminists have subverted the pro-life movement, they will also subvert the anti-transgenderism movement.

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