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Trump DeSantis

Donald Trump is Saul. Ron DeSantis is David.

On the A Mighty Fortified Election Stream, our writer Anthony made the comparison that Donald Trump is Saul and Ron DeSantis is David, referencing the dynamic between the two figures in the Bible. This comparison is more profound when examining some of the details of their relationship. While some on the right are claiming that this tension is a psyop, this ignores that this tension has existed since the Biden regime took over and Trump has taken numerous potshots at DeSantis.

In 2016 many compared Trump to Saul because they believed the Republican Party was like Israel in asking for a king. In truth, Trump was not the autocrat many feared. He was quite the opposite, to his own detriment. However, the emergence of Ron DeSantis has had many conservatives singing over the last three years, “Donald Trump has killed his thousands. Ron DeSantis his tens of thousands.” This has been because of Ron DeSantis emerging as a figure against Branch Covidianism, a sin Trump has not even shown remorse for.

Many conservatives believe Ron DeSantis is the future, and the arguments of Red Eagle Politics and John Doyle have been unconvincing otherwise.

This emerging threat has made Trump lash out at DeSantis. And this is similar to Saul’s increasing paranoia over David’s rising popularity. Saul saw David as a threat to his power, and pursued means that in the end destroyed him.

The biggest criticism of Ron DeSantis from the Donald Trump side is that the establishment is backing DeSantis. This too falls in line with the analogy. As David fought for the Philistines but ultimately did not serve their interests, so the establishment has gotten behind DeSantis to settle personal affairs with Trump. Yet Trump is perhaps more establishment with his recent endorsement of Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

The end of this story is not a good one and not one we want to see for Donald Trump. Saul ultimately enlists a medium to tell his future to his own demise. We do not want to see Trump, metaphorically or literally, succumb to such depths over DeSantis.

Ultimately, this is about the people and saving America or what’s left of America. This is not about Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis. Politics is transactional, not transcendent.

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5 Responses

  1. DeSantis is Jeb Bush / Mitt Romney. He’s backed by David French, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. Open borders and endless wars. No thanks!

  2. Trump apparently invited Kenneth Copeland to speak at one of his rallies. Copeland literally looks like a snake in a human costume. Was considering having The Orange Man tattooed somewhere on my person until someone asked him if he has ever repented, his answer being that he lives in a way such that he doesn’t have to repent (first shoe drops). The Copeland thing was the second shoe dropping. Too bad for America; a brilliant executive mind wrapped inside the insanity of an angry divorcee’.

  3. Come on, the title borders on if not being sacrilegious. Desantis is Catholic. Trump is half a Jesuit. KING DAVID was a “True Saint” – a True Christian – saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ Alone. The author’s efforts to appeal to conservative Catholics trying to combat Liberation Theology, etc. ends up going too far – UNREAL – NO COMPARISON.

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