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Christianity Today Publishes Francis Collins’ Eulogy Of Tim Keller

Christianity Today has long been a liberal publication masquerading as Christian. And on Tuesday, they might have sunk to a new low when they published an article by Francis Collins eulogizing Tim Keller. Tim Keller is a false teacher who was very well-masked for many years. Francis Collins, in contrast, has faced a lot of scrutiny from Christians for his negative influence on the church and broader world. The fact that Francis Collins’ heretical theistic evolution organization, Biologos, is one of the more benign acts of evil he’s committed is a real accomplishment. But few fake Christian leaders have actual blood on their hands.

Francis Collins funded the gain-of-function research that gave way to Covid. Additionally, he has a record of supporting transgenderism including on children. Furthermore, he increased the trafficking of dead baby body parts for science at the University of Pittsburgh. Thus in 2021, Evangelical Dark Web gave him Church Villain of the Year prior to much of the scrutiny he later received.

Francis Collins wrote a piece titled, “Tim Keller Taught Us How to Live—and How to Die.” This comes from a man who knows a lot about death. Francis Collins credits Keller as his most significant spiritual mentor.

Tim had been my friend for a decade. In the early years of BioLogos, he agreed to cohost intensely interesting and productive meetings in New York, where deep discussions about the complementarity of science and Christian faith took place. Though we didn’t completely agree on everything, Tim became my most significant spiritual mentor.

Yikes, but unsurprising.

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