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Christianity Today Copes And Seethes At Gun Control Not Being Passed

Yesterday we reported that Republicans in Tennessee surprisingly held the line in not passing gun control amidst the mounting pressure including from religious sources like the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. The special legislative session called by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee ended without the gun control measures he wanted passed. As reported earlier this week:

This week their efforts to enact gun control were defeated as the House and Senate of Tennessee adjourned until January. The bills that were passed did not include gun control measures including so-called “red flag laws.”

While Christians activists in Tennessee are grateful for the stand, Christianity Today is coping and seething. In an article titled, Covenant Families Frustrated by Tennessee’s Failure to Pass New Gun Laws. The article frames the Covenant parents as monolithically in favor of gun control, despite the fact that their proposals would not have prevented the tragedy.

Christianity Today is running their propaganda campaign for liberal policies, as they are upset that gun control was not passed.

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  1. To think, decades ago Christianity Today was considered a reliable source for doctrine and conservative Christian philosophy. How much further will they fall. Between their position on social justice and now gun control what is next? Will they need be touting they are pro abortion or supporting of sexual pervisity? What is going on in America? My heart aches for America’s redemption.

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