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Revoice 2024 David Bennett

Homoerotic Christology Headlines Revoice 2024

The Revoice Conference is the most overt attempt to mainstream Side B theology in Evangelicalism. Side B theology teaches that homosexual identity and attraction are not sins. This runs contrary to Christian teaching that sinful desires are sinful, unnatural desires especially. Side B theology also carries over to transgenderism, and the system of beliefs if applied consistently would absolve pedophilia. Revoice 2024 has been announced, and although Revoice now has multiple full-time staffers, the initial announcement of speakers is more obscure with multiple repeats from prior years. The conference will take place June 26-29, 2024 in Columbus, Ohio.

Nate Collins, the Revoice founder will lead the closing session. Bekah Mason, the blue-haired feminist pushing homosexuality in the church will be leading a pre-conference struggle session for homosexuals and transvestites only. At the time of publication, Art Pereira, a Revoice staffer does not appear to be leading a session according to the schedule. Pereira is speaking at Preston Sprinkle’s Exiles In Babylon conference.

Steven Cooper, a life coach is leading a pre-conference session for ministry leaders and “allies.” The testimonials of his business reveal the incestuous nature of Side B conferences and ministries.

Bill Henson returns to Revoice after leading a panel on transgenderism in 2021. He runs a gay-affirming ministry called Posture Shift and they are hosting a pre-conference summit at Revoice. His conference will specialize in parenting.

Wes Chavis has been announced as a worship leader for Revoice 2024. This is an obscure choice, as Revoice is hyping Chavis as more established than he actually is. The worship leader at St. Roch Community Church in New Orleans, a Presbyterian church that has female elders titled “Session Members.” Despite the overstylized renditions, his talent in worship ministry exceeds that of his other artistic endeavors. More than likely, Wes Chavis is a past Revoice attendee.

Headliner David Bennett

David Bennett is an up and coming Side B theologian. He teaches that Christians need to move away from their maximalist definition of being gay, which entails the imagery of gay culture and stereotypes to a minimalist definition that is mere identity, believing that fixed orientation is a good that refers to created order. Therefore, he embraces the “gay Christian” label as a means of reclaiming and redefining a widely used and understood concept. Fancying himself as a modern gay Augustine, David Bennett teaches that elements of Queer Theory and homosexual, transvestite identity can and should be redeemed.

Bennett believes that gay relationships are beautiful and that the general debate is caught up in one small aspect of human flourishing, sexuality. But other than that detail, homosexual relationships are no less virtuous than heterosexual relationships, according to Bennett.

According to an Instagram post, his Christology is rather gay.

“As I make this vow (beginning with two years) and recognise my life lived over 14 years in Christ, I have never had a moment where I felt I have an ‘easy’ gift of celibacy. Instead, the Lord has given me a deep gift of faith which as a gay man has been extraordinary. This gift has reinterpreted not just my understanding of sexuality, the body, and its sacramental meaning, but my entire life. From his loving embrace, a wellspring of desire to give God everything has sprung, which is common to all those who truly love Christ and humbly seek to obey his commands. Such faith is not about being desireless, or non-romantic, but precisely the opposite. It has been about falling in love with Jesus Christ, my beloved Lord, and marrying him as part of his bride, the Church as the Spirit has inspired. Such a gift of grace has met the wrestle with my sexuality, transforming it into a deep gift which I’m giving in fullest affection, in the fear of God, and my own deep weakness to Jesus, the husband of my soul before you today.”

It’s clear that David Bennett doesn’t believe homosexuality in and of itself is evil, just outside the created order. His apparent solution is called “Queering the Queer” and it looks as though to direct homosexual affections towards Jesus and also receive them in return. In this sense, he believes he’s more queer than the sexually active homosexual.


Revoice might appear to be struggling to regain more unduly acclaimed speakers, and this may be a reflection of the more openly heretical trajectory that they are on. In one sense, they’ve created an economy where attendees become speakers one day, yet on the other, the conference is far less mainstream than in years past when it had Mark Yarhouse or Preston Sprinkle speak. But this may be to the detriment of Revoice but not necessarily to Side B theology which continues to thrive apart from the Revoice Conference.

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