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Alistair Begg Canceled

Will Alistair Begg Get Canceled From ShepCon?

The cancelation of Alistair Begg from American Family Radio was a significant development stemming from Begg’s support for going to a homosexual wedding. It marked a surprising stand by a Christian institution against the theological error of a major figure on a major issue of our day. Is this the beginning of a ripple effect on all of Evangelicalism or is this a one-off? The Shepherds Conference is a major conference for the John MacArthur camp, and numerous people have called on them to address the issue, but will they?

Both Alistair Begg and John Piper are headliners at ShepCon 2024. John Piper is a woke pastor and has been since 2016. John MacArthur was one of the initial signatories of the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel in 2018 to combat the Cultural Marxism that Piper capitulated to without correction. It would be unequal weights and measures if Alistair Begg is removed from ShepCon, as compared to Piper, whose mistakes are more noticeable when compared to MacArthur’s.

In 2022, when Grace Community Church held the Puritans Conference, woke pastors Ligon Duncan and John Piper were both platformed.

So the precedent is established that Critical Race Theory is acceptable in who MacArthur’s camp would platform, but is a woke moment on encouraging a grandmother to attend a gay wedding really all that different?

If people are expecting ShepCon to cancel Alistair Begg, they will likely be disappointed. And if people are expecting ShepCon to confront or debate Begg’s stance on gay weddings, there is also a lack of precedent for this.

However, if there is a Q&A session with Begg involved, an audience member may raise the question. This is the likeliest scenario.

The American Family Association’s actions of confronting Begg and parting ways is unfortunately an outlier in the world of Big Eva.

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