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Big Tech’s relax on COVID censorship is Big Government at work

Not being on every social media platform, it’s difficult to keep up with the various censorship practices of Facebook, Google, Twitter. And Big Tech censorship goes well beyond just the largest social media companies. It also includes banks, payment processors, online retail, webhosting and severs, and even domain hosting. The saying that the internet is forever deserves scrutiny when Big Tech can collude to deplatform and memory hole someone whom they’ve unpersoned.

With coronavirus and lockdowns, Big Tech carried out Big Government’s bidding with synchronization. Anyone who dared tell the truth about the origins of the virus was censored and booted from social media platforms. Those who compared coronavirus to the flu were censored. Those who advocated effective treatments for coronavirus like HCQ or ivermectin were censored and targeted by local medical boards.

Big Tech was taking their orders from Big Government on what the Overton Window was on this issue. And Big Government was handed over to Anthony Fauci for almost a year. Anthony Fauci is a notoriously corrupt bureaucrat who tested HIV/AIDS medication on foster kids in New York (because what parent would consent to this). 10 children died as a result. This utilitarian cruelty was then unleashed, by Trump, on all of the nation.

Rasputin like figures have meteoric rises and swift demises. And by around March, even the America’s communists were tired of Fauci and started to give him minor pushback in media interviews. And thus, Amazon did not censor Steve Deace’s bestselling book, Faucian Bargain.

Criticizing the vaccine was cause for censorship as well, but when the government intervened on behalf of Pfizer and ModeRNA to halt the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, all of the sudden Big Tech allowed safety concerns over this vaccine to be aired freely.

More recently we have seen midweek flipflops on masking and vaccination. But once the eyes turned on the origin of the virus and the issue of gain of function research, the floodgates of reporting on what a year ago was considered a debunked conspiracy theory is now allowable on social media.

Big Tech has followed Big Governments lead on lockdowns and coronavirus every step of the away, and since this has never been about public health, these corporations are without the excuse of caring for public safety. This collusion came with the material benefit that the government would ignore blatant Section 230 violations.

The Branch Covidian cult may be in retreat, but the collusion of Big Tech and Big Government is only beginning to be realized by many Americans.

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