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SBC gets more woke with Willie McLaurin named Executive Committee President

After the fall out from the Southern Baptist Convention voting to waive their attorney client privileges, the same Executive Committee that capitulated to the mob with their vote to do so has been in shambles ever since. The Southern Baptist Convention lost their longtime legal representation leading to a host of Executive Committee members resigning from their post. Among the casualties included Rod Martin and Ronnie Floyd, its previous president. The Executive Committee functions as the convention while the convention is not in session.

Over three months have passed and the Floyd’s replacement has finally been named: Willie McLaurin. Willie McLaurin is a pastor/motivational speaker and has been serving in Big Eva for quite some time.

And in case their is any doubt, his social media makes it rather clear he plays ball with Kevin Ezell and his woke agenda.

This tweet is in support of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s most notorious woke professor.