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Mike Todd

Mike Todd’s Million Dollar March Prosperity Gospel Madness

Michael Todd is certainly proving to be one of the most dangerous and influential false teachers of this current generation. Over the last two years he has skyrocketed in church membership and social media influence. More ominously, the amount of money Transformation Church has accumulated and spent is well over what one would suspect a just now 8000 member church, according to a recent sermon. Spending includes buying a mall for $20 million in addition to other commercial real estate. The latest promo (or gimmick) for Mike Todd is giving away $1 million.

In a recent sermon series launch Todd speaks of giving away a million dollars. No details are provided as to how many people will receive what amount in what increments.

In an extra effort of lacking self-awareness, Mike Todd goes on to condemn the Prosperity Gospel, except that he redefines the Prosperity Gospel to be “keeping up with the Jones” instead of the actual definition that is believing that Christ’s work of salvation in part was so that we thrive financially on earth. The Prosperity Gospel has an established meaning, but Mike Todd changes the definition so he can preach his “blessed life” mentality even harder.

Additionally, Michael Todd redefines the Poverty Gospel, which has traditionally been understood as compelling people to give away their wealth in order to be saved. Todd, instead defines the Poverty Gospel as the ghetto mentality of living on the government check instead of getting a job because working for a living creates short term financial problems.

In redefining generally understood terms, Todd’s followers can boldly declare that Transformation Church does not preach a Prosperity Gospel all while eagerly hoping they receive the winnings from his church’s lottery. Transformation Church’s promo is a capital investment which will generate enthusiasm and publicity, ultimately recuperating the money spent. It’s a bold strategy compared to selling prayer and holy water, a notion Todd mocks in the sermon series. Yet Transformation Church has built a reputation on bold promos like this one to great success for its mission which is not the Great Commission.

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