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Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron Denied Story Hour By Public Libraries

Prominent faith-based film actor, Kirk Cameron has recently published a children’s book, by Brave Books, called As You Grow. As part of a promotional tour of the book Kirk Cameron sought to schedule reading hours at local public libraries across the country. According to Fox News, Cameron contacted and was rejected by over 50 public libraries with some going so far as to reject him on grounds on inclusivity.

Across the United States, public libraries have become a cultural battleground as the Homosexual/Transvestite movement is using pedophile drag queens to groom children. Fox News goes on to detail the various libraries that said no while hosting child grooming events.


I’ve heard on a couple of occasions people complain that we need to do our own type of story hours. I have met activist who started this locally. There was also a recent push for pastors to do story hours as well. However, the limitation of this strategy is exemplified by Kirk Cameron’s experience, in which he is being denied on prejudicial grounds because he opposes grooming and pedophilia and favors a Christian alternative.

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