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April 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I like to provide an update on the progress being made and upcoming events. April was a rather uneventful month all things considered with regards to Big Eva. Most of April dealt with either political/ viral events, coverage of things that were not recent, or responding to articles with either concurring or dissenting opinions. Unfortunately, April did not meet goals, and I like to find the win in every situation, but alas this is not an overnight success operation. This comes after a really good March.

Stories that exposed Barna for partnering with obvious Critical Race Theorists to put woke pastors in churches did not gain as much traction as much as I would have liked. Search traffic and regular reader traffic was relied upon more as mush of the decrease was from social media.

Quick Stats


People like Beth Moore are very favorable for Evangelical Dark Web to talk about. It’s great for reaching new subscribers. Big names are often a draw for YouTube. But I’ve already covered Beth Moore, and she’s taken a break from social media, I think, (victory). I want to try to cover other teachers. Coming up I have a video on Dharius Daniels, covering an error filled sermon he gave. With a successful video doing the same on Matt Chandler for defending Critical Race Theory, this might be a solid directional focus. Otherwise, I also have planned a video on The Shack, and I also want to cover, The Chosen in video form as well. In April there were no livestreamed interviews. This will not be the case in May as plans are already underway for hopefully later this week.

An important metric of 500 subs was exceeded!


There was very little done with regards to Discernment in April. Exposing the Revoice Conference, the obvious sham that it is for publicizing a homo-platonic friendship, was one activity. Moreover, fake Christian politicians like Asa Hutchinson and candidate, Glenn Youngkin are deeds in line with this goal. However, the intended purpose to do research in response to reader requests went unfulfilled with no progress in April. I alluded that this would be the case, in last month’s report. Now that it’s May, I do believe it is time to return to this core competency that distinguishes Evangelical Dark Web from other allies. This means I will restart the article on Levi Lusko. I intend to finish before the month’s end.

Site Changes

I have made mention of site changes for months, but they are underway. Evangelical Dark Web will be moving. And it will get a new look. More on this to come.

Soli Deo Gloria,


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