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Ed Litton

The Ed Litton Sermongate Insurgency

Ed Litton’s sermongate scandal is not going away, much to frustration of many elites in the Southern Baptist Convention. Their hope to have a credible pastor pull Evangelicals to the left on salient issues was undermined from the beginning with his scandals on partialism, egalitarianism, and most simplest to understand, sermongate. Ed Litton resolved early on to stay the course that was set before him as opposed to resigning in disgrace. However, he has since softened his defensive stance to a one that confesses a sin but credits his elephant memory for it. Ultimately, it is about power, not mission for these elites.

And that is exactly why they hate being mocked for this scandal and further exposed. Bart Barber is a low level Big Eva stooge. He took to Twitter to say that plagiarism is not a sin and that Mark plagiarized Peter when writing the Gospel of Mark. For this, Protestia has called him the Moff Jerjerrod of the Southern Baptist galaxy, but I think he’s more of a Colonel Sandurz from Spaceballs.

Daniel Akin the head of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary also towed the line with this tweet crediting a generic quote to Ed Litton.

The irony is that Ed Litton won in a convention whose mantra was “the world is watching.” And so the SBC will fear men before God.

This past Sunday, Ed Litton preached a sermon where he talked about getting attacked by other Christians, with this scandal as the underlying context. Ed Litton ultimately compares himself to Paul, though his actions on sermongate do not necessarily compare.

It’s clear that the SBC elites are infuriated that this is not going away, and continue defending themselves and Ed Litton, carrying his water so that he can survive reelect in Anaheim. But the more they bring it up, the clumsier they are getting.

This is spiritual warfare, as Ed Litton intended for his influence to exceed the Southern Baptist Convention as JD Greear’s influence had. But Ed Litton has instead become a laughing stock. This is to the credit of grassroots Evangelicals who exposed and trolled Ed Litton for his clumsy serial plagiarizing. We need to recognize this as a win, that Ed Litton’s influence, and the influence of the Southern Baptist Convention in our culture at-large, has been kneecapped for the next two years because of us in the grassroots. This means he has fewer allies in pagan media, fewer Christians who will take his office seriously. God has Ed Litton right where He wants him. Why on earth would we want the corruption at the Southern Baptist Convention to be less obvious than it is right now?

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