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Michael O'Fallon

Michael O’Fallon Lies About Financial Relationship With James Lindsay

As James Lindsay attacks Christians for opposing homosexuality, it’s clear that James Lindsay will go woke for his pet issues. Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web reported that James Lindsay was employing Queer Theory, a branch of Cultural Marxism to attack Christians for opposing what he views as a legitimate movement: gay rights. This issue naturally gets brought up to Michael O’Fallon who went on to distance himself financially from James Lindsay. The problem is, Michael O’Fallon can’t really be separated from James Lindsay’s controlled opposition ministry.

James Lindsay’s organization is New Discourses. He makes a ton of money from this organization through merchandise and subscription platforms, most notably a thriving Patreon and SubscribeStar account. The financial relationship was called into question after James Lindsay tweeted his support for homosexuality.

The most obvious lie in this is that James Lindsay is adverse to totalitarian movements, when he supported lockdowns in 2020. As it would turn out however, James Lindsay’s organization, New Discourses was not originally Lindsay’s.

[Clarification: This wasn’t previously unknown, as O’Fallon has been transparent about this in the past, but the nature of this arrangement demonstrates that O’Fallon lured Lindsay into monetizing his social media brand which is heavily reliant on attacking Christians.]

As uncovered on Twitter, it is actually Michael O’Fallon who owns New Discourses, and not solely James Lindsay. Michael O’Fallon founded New Discourses in September 2019 in Florida. James Lindsay would come on the LLC in June 2020.

So when Michael O’Fallon states that James Lindsay can’t be financially lured as he is well off, part of why James Lindsay is quite well off is his business relationship with O’Fallon.

This gets us to the tweets. To what degree are the tweets in support of homosexuality and attacking brothers in the faith over Christian Nationalism Michael O’Fallon paying James Lindsay? The answer is not miniscule. As New Discourses is heavily reliant on social media and James Lindsay’s brand, James Lindsay’s tweets are performative for the company. Should Lindsay stop tweeting, the company would presumably take a financial hit or slow its growth. O’Fallon provide the infrastructure for James Lindsay to grift on social media as controlled opposition.

Perhaps the concluding question should be whether a Christian could in good conscience partner with a Christ-hating atheist in his business of hating Christ?

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2 Responses

  1. I can assure Mr. O’Fallon that Christians who aren’t protected working inside of ministries, or wealthy enough to retire to ivory towers, are not exactly feeling the liberty these days, as Christians are being targeted, sued, fired, arrested, coerced, extorted, children indoctrinated, backed into all manner of corners. This rainbow terror is the most totalitarian mess I’ve seen in my lifetime. Covid was bad, but it doesn’t even come close.

    I’m sure Mr. Lindsay and his abominable friends don’t see it that way. But for Bible-believing Christians it is an absolute nightmare.

    You know, the Apostles didn’t entirely depend on donations or tithes. They actually got jobs, some doing hard manual labor. They lived with the same, if not worse, hardships and persecution as those they led, and were all too familiar with what fellow believers had to face. They never became aloof and disconnected.

    “leaders” these days – not so much

    1. Probably part of the reason why Jesus said it is very difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

      The Bible says, in many places, and many ways, that one who does not have love and concern for his brothers and sisters in Christ is not truly born again.

      If one is more concerned about abominable sinners than he is concerned about brothers and sisters in the Lord, there’s a severe problem in his heart.

      If he’s not considering the plight of the least of these – of Christians who are trying to put food on the table, and to fulfill their obligations to the Lord for their children, to live a life that honors Him, without defying Him or His word, then there is something severely wrong in his heart.

      If he coddles the wolves and beats the sheep, there’s a severe problem in his heart.

      If he would ignore the oppression of brothers and sisters in Christ to support the liberty of the abominably unrighteous, there is something terribly wrong in his heart.

      That’s all I’m going to say about it. He should know what that means.

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