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Two Years To Slow The Spread, Too Few Lessons Learned

It’s been two years since America lost it’s collective mind, pretending it knew nothing of the virus they created in China. Most children growing up in the United States lost two years of their childhood to theatricality and deception. Many businesses never recovered from the tyrannical measures gleefully taken from government officials. From governors to petty health inspectors, there was no shortage of tyranny at all levels of government. Most disturbingly, all this tyranny was supported by President Donald Trump who abandoned his based to play the hero and to suffer tyranny.

Two years later, I ponder, what has America learned? Americans were warned that two week lockdowns were lies. They were warned that masks did not work. They were warned that vaccine mandates were coming. The people did not listen. They suffered accordingly. But did the tough love allowed by God’s providence, open their eyes.

For a great minority, I believe the answer is yes. Many are redpilled. Many more are rejecting the next Great Reset narrative than rejected the Branch Covidian narrative. But still we remain a minority and extremely underrepresented in national politics and alternative media. However, with the growth of platforms like Gab, there is a space for building counteroffensives against the culture at-large.

Additionally, the church should have been the bastion for truth, salt and light. But churches peddled the same lies as corporate America and the US government, except they abused the Bible to do so. The church failed these past two years. The remnant who walk the straight and narrow was in many cases churchless and isolated. Indeed, these past two years, we’ve spent reorganizing. The question remains as to whether there are enough of us to make a difference or whether we have the willingness to pray and act like we will.

What I believe we have witnessed is America’s Sacking of Constantinople 1204. The Eastern Roman Empire never recovered from the Fourth Crusade. America, likewise, I am not convinced will recover from the disastrous lockdowns and fiscal irresponsibility that they proliferated. With 80% of US Dollars being printed in the last two years, it’s no wonder we have hyper-inflation. And with America creating a critical mass of countries (Russia, China, India) who are ready to move on from the dollar, we are on the cusp of a major financial collapse.

Let it not be said of us that we stood idly by as the Great Reset raped and pillaged our country. The time to fight was yesterday. The time to start winning is now.

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